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Milestone Financial is one of a select group of fee-only advisors approved by Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA) for the distribution of their funds. Our enthusiasm for Dimensional starts with our agreement with their beliefs that markets are efficient, risk and return are related, diversification is the antidote to uncertainty, and asset allocation principally determines results in a broadly diversified portfolio. Basing their work on academic research, Dimensional has developed strategies designed to deliver the performance of a target asset class but with the objective of outperforming conventional or commercial benchmarks. Through trading strategies and portfolio engineering, DFA minimizes transaction costs and enhances returns. DFA works with academia’s most respected economists, professors, and Nobel laureates. These experts bring research and scientific evidence — and thereby an understanding of the financial risks that are worth taking and those that are not — to the design of its investment portfolios. The result is a fundamentally different approach to fund management.

Milestone Financial is under no contractual agreement with DFA and receives no compensation from them of any kind, nor do we use their funds exclusively. Investment advice remains objective and in the client’s best interest.

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